Icynene Open Cell Spray Foam
The Most Effective Sound Proofing Solution

The Icynene Spray Foam Insulation System is a series of soft, flexible spray foam insulation products that delivers unbeatable sound proofing benefits when compared to other home insulation products.

Icynene is the most efficient and sustainable insulation solution on the market.

Controlling Sound Leakage With Icynene

Sound travels through buildings via the air within the building or the building fabric itself – or sometimes both. People talking in an adjacent room, flat above, outside traffic or loud music being played is sound being carried through the air. If you stop air leakage you reduce the sound transmission through that air.

Icynene has excellent air sealing properties and therefore reduces air borne sound.

Impact noise is different – when a door is slammed or children are running about above you then this sound is transferred through the building fabric itself  – this is a much harder problem to solve.

Icynene is used extensively as an acoustic insulation for the construction of home cinemas, music rooms, playrooms and day to day living. Every home now a days likes their own quiet space.

If you are building a new house, consideration should also be given to insulating soil waste pipes to avoid hearing toilets being flushed.

  • Premium Eco Insulation
  • Save up to 50% on energy bills
  • Insulation and air barrier in one
  • 100% water blown technology
  • Fully certified and Building Control Approved
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Professional installation
  • Greatly improves sound proofing
  • Contains no harmful ingredients
  • Lets the building breathe naturally
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • HICS accredited member

How Effective Has Icynene Been?

In 2016 JSJ was approached by a member of The Scottish Parliament. We were asked to be involved in a pilot scheme to reduce the noise within people’s properties due to airplanes flying above.

Sound testing was professionally carried out before and after we insulated in between the rafters in the roof using 125mm of Icynene’s open cell spray foam.

Subsequent reports showed that the Decibel’s where then reduced by 13db.

This was a fantastic result for the homeowner, who now lives comfortable within her home.

Awards & Accreditations

PLUS, JSJ Foam Insulation is now a HICS Accredited Member!

What are the benefits of using a HICS member?

The HICS Scheme is fully endorsed by Nick Ross and George Clarke, and offers a range of benefits to consumers, including:

  • Vetted and Accredited Installers
  • Free consumer advice
  • Free deposit protection (up to 25% of the contract value)
  • Free insurance backed guarantee
  • Free mediation
  • Free independent inspections
  • Free access to an independent Ombudsman

Unbeatable Foam Insulation Solutions

Classic Spray Foam Insulation

ICYNENE LD-C-50 is the product that made the Icynene name synonymous with superior-quality spray foam insulation. It has been used in thousands of residential and commercial projects since 1986, consistently outperforming traditional insulation types.

Classic PLUS Foam Insulation

Icynene Classic Plus (LD-C-70) has a remarkably high insulating value (lambda 0.034), excellent adhesion and a highly competitive yield. It’s simply the best open-cell spray foam available on the market.

Classic PLUS 'O' Foam Insulation

The latest addition to the Icynene range is Icynene Classic Plus “O”- a class 0 fire rated spray foam insulation that has also achieved a best in class surface spread of flame of class 1 ( test range class 1 best to class 4 worst). 

Ultra Seal Select Closed Cell Foam Insulation

This rigid, closed cell foam is suitable in areas where space is limited and is ideal in cases where foam will be left exposed such as workshops, industrial and commercial buildings, and farm buildings including potato and grain stores for thermal insulation and condensation control.