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icynene goes green

Spray foam insulations specialist Icynene, is doing its bit to reduce the ever-growing mountain of plastic waste by incorporating recycled plastic into the formulation of its closed-cell foam insulation product.

Every year, Europe generates roughly 25m tonnes of plastic waste but less than 30% is collected for recycling. (The Guardian). As a first step in tackling the problem, Icynene has started to process recycled PET bottles as one of the basic ingredients in its spray foam insulation. Over the coming year, Icynene expects to recycle in excess of 750,000, biting a fair-sized chunk out of this ever-growing mountain of plastic.

Spray-applied foam insulation is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reduce heat-loss from buildings. And by making our homes, offices and factories more thermally efficient, Icynene insulation also makes a significant contribution to reducing C02 emissions – one of the principal causes of global warming.

Icynene spray foam insulation is already an environmentally friendly system. The closed cell foam uses HFO [Hydroflouroolefin] as a blowing agent and has a global warming potential [GWP] of 2 [Two] and an ozone depletion potential [ODP] of 0 [Zero]. Furthermore, Icynene does not emit any harmful gasses once cured and is completely inert.

To further reinforce the Company’s green credentials, Icynene is committing a portion of sales revenue to a tree planting programme in woodland near its manufacturing base in Central Europe. For every barrel of basic product sold, Icynene will plant trees in the forests surrounding the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia – an area devastated by storms a few years ago.

Forests are Mother Nature’s lungs and, by helping rebuild them through this programme of tree planting – the Company expects to plant over 40,000 this year – Icynene hopes it will help in the fight to reduce carbon emissions and slow the rise in global warming.

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