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The first question developers/builders ask us is “will Icynene Spray Foam Insulation get passed through building control?” Icynene has a British Board Agrement Certificate therefore building control officers can not refuse it. We use Build desk certified software to generate U-Values and condensation risk analysis. We ask for you to supply us with your approved building warrant drawings showing the target U-Values that are required. From here, we will work out your U-Values for you and this is what determines the depth of spray foam insulation that is required. Your architect and Building control officer will require our BBA Certificate and our U-Values for approval.


Icynene LDC-50 open cell foam insulation is airtight and breathable. It allows all building materials to breath naturally, preventing condensation, dry or wet rot.

By breathable we mean it is vapour open allowing moisture vapour diffusion. Because of the foams open cell nature, vapour diffuses through the foam from moist areas to dry. This is called Bi-Directional drying, allowing any moisture within the foam to evaporate out. The best analogy I can think of is a Gore-Tex jacket. The fabric allows moisture produced by the body to defuse out through the material but stops wind from the outside blowing through. Icynene similarly allows this vapour diffusion but also acts as an air barrier. Icynene is BBA Certified to be sprayed directly onto sarking board, OSB, breathable or non-breathable membranes without an air gap.

Icynene open cell spray foam insulation

speed of install

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation is fast, efficient and cost effective. We have multiple spray rigs that we can bring on site for speed of install. One of our vehicles has a 2-gun system installed. This system allows for dual spraying (two sprayers) from one rig. We are the only contractor within the spray foam market in Europe to have this piece of equipment. This works very well on bigger jobs. On a new build project, where access is good, we have the potential to spray between 400m2 – 600m2 in one day. We are currently working towards converting another vehicle to dual spraying as well.

 When your New Build – House Extension is wind and watertight, this is the right time to install spray foam insulation. From here, your electricians and plumbers first fix wires and pipes can be installed, moving quickly onto second fix. Spray foam insulation’s quick curing time allows early occupancy or follow on trades to work behind us, this dramatically helps speeds up the build process and achieve your completion date ahead of time.

Icynene spray foam open cell breathable airtight spray foam insulation

conventional insulation against air tightness

Another benefit to developers/builders is that there is no need to spend time procuring conventional insulation orders and having to store this material on site. How much off cut king span does your staff put in your skip? How much moaning do you get from your staff not wanting to cut and fit glass wool/king span? Conventional insulation works well but unfortunately, no matter how well you cut, fit & tape it, you will not achieve complete air tightness. Icynene spray foam fills all gaps ensuring maximum insulation. Spray foam is the modern way to insulate buildings, old and new.

Conventional insulation/glass wool