Glasgow’s Leading Provider Of Spray Foam Roof Insulation

Icynene roof insulation is the most accredited insulation in the world, with widespread acknowledgement of its performance as the best roof insulation on the market today.

Our founder, Jim, still surveys all jobs himself, making sure that every project has exactly the right solution at the best possible price for our customers.

(We call him Goldilocks in the office because of his obsession with everything being ‘just right’.)

We’re a family business, covering the whole of Glasgow and surrounding areas and we’ve established a stellar reputation in the industry as THE specialists in home insulation.

In 2018 we installed Icynene spray foam insulation into more roofs in Glasgow than any other provider. Described by customers as “…the Gore-tex of insulation”Icynene gives you the best insulation AND lets your building breathe.

You’ll save a fortune on your heating bills and the way the foam seals all the air gaps (meaning the heat can’t escape) means you’ll also normally benefit from a marked reduction in external noise coming into your home.

With over 30 years experience in Scotland’s building industry we have built an extensive knowledgeof all types of buildings and every type of problem and challenge that can occur on roof insulation projects, which is what makes us stand-out from the crowd.

It’s also why we’ve become the home insulation installer of choice for so many of the top architects and builders in Glasgow.

It Means You Get:

  • the best insulation
  • save (lots of) money on your energy bills – typically around 50%
  • no cold draughts – because unlike glass wool or thermal board, Icynene expands to fill all gaps so it eliminates air leaks from your home
  • constant temperature
  • the most energy efficient rating possible for your property – typically around 50%
  • sound-proofing benefits as well – you’ll be amazed how quiet your home is once JSJ have installed your insulation

In 2018, JSJ insulated more homes and buildings with Icynene than any other provider in Scotland, protecting hundreds of homes

The Foam Insulation expands to 100 times it’s size.

How It Works

Our Icynene foam expands to 100 times its size within seconds of being sprayed, so it expands to fill every gap and fully seal and insulate your home. Its unique ‘open cell’ construction allows the building to breathe which is why many people in the industry refer to it as “The Gortex of insulation”.

Closed cell non-breathable option also available when needed.

The Professionals Choice

More builders and architects in Scotland choose JSJ than any other installer. They tell us it’s because of our fab service, super-speedy instals and attention to detail. But we know our great value prices also has something to do with it

Call JSJ if you need insulation for:

  • New build homes
  • Extensions
  • Property refurbs/upgrades
  • Hard to reach areas

We also insulate lots of floors and roofs.

Most projects can be done in a day.

Take a look at how quickly spray foam insulates a room.