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Why should i use icynene spray foam insulation rather than conventional insulation?

We all know that buildings expand and contract due to environmental conditions like changes in temperature.

Traditional insulation materials cannot adapt to this structural movement without causing air leakage.

The flexible nature of Icynene spray foam insulation allows the foam to expand and contract as your building does every year throughout the different seasons, maintaining the airtight seal already created.

Not all insulation products will stop draughts. Icynene spray foam insulation is an air barrier insulation, glass wool is air permeable. PIR board, no matter how well you cut and fit it, you will always have air leakage and over time this product shrinks. You are therefore relying on tape & membrane to maintain airtightness. Using conventional insulation, you will always have gaps. And whenever you’ve got gaps you’ve got air leakage.

With Icynene, because no heat can escape through the foam, your heating bills fall markedly, and many homes save up to 50% on their heating costs once they’ve got Icynene properly installed.

Icynene also significantly improves soundproofing from room to room and outdoor traffic.