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What are the benefits of icynene spray foam insulation?

Icynene spray foam insulation is now recognised as “The Market Leading Spray Foam Insulation in the World ” providing solutions for many homes and has more certifications, endorsement and approvals than any other spray foam product.

The main benefits are:

  • can increase the EPC efficiency of your home,
  • makes your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer,
  • can significantly reducing your energy bills – by as much as 50%
  • reducing external sound like traffic noise getting into your home.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Allows your loft and walls to ‘breathe’
  • Can be installed in as little as a day


Key benefits of Icynene

  • Low thermal conductivity provides good thermal performance in new and existing structures.
  • Non-irritant and hygienic: unlike many other spray foam insulations Icynene is totally inert, odorless and produces no harmful emissions after installation.
  • Air-tight: it expands in volume by up to 100 times after spraying, pushing its way into cracks and voids to form a complete seal to surfaces and cavities.
  • Vapour open: the open cell structure allows water vapour to diffuse through the foam, preventing harmful build up of moisture within a structure.
  • A good acoustic insulant: ideal for reducing sound transmission into and around buildings.
  • Does not sag: unlike other flexible insulants – such as mineral fibre and cellulose – which slump and sag over time, Icynene retains its shape, giving long term thermal performance.

Can be installed in as little as a day

To understand these benefits it’s helpful first to explain how it works and why your current setup is not as efficient as it could be.

As warm air rises through your home, it escapes through your roof. This air needs to be replaced so cold air is pulled through your floor.

The reason why there are vents in your roof is to allow for air flow because without air flow, when the warm air in your house rises into the roof area and meets cold air, condensation would otherwise form. Any condensation is of course bad news, as overtime it will shorten the life span of your roof.

Letting warm air escape is a waste of energy and money but up until now, because air vents are paramount for ventilation, there was no other way of stopping your home from continually losing heat through these vents and your roof.

Fortunately, there is now a solution, and it’s the key to helping you significantly reduce your energy bills.

By applying Icynene Spray Foam Insulation to your loft space at rafter level, it super insulates your roof space so that what was previously cold air space will instead now be a similar temperature to the rest of your home, reducing the risk of condensation or mould.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation is 100% open cell and breathable, which means that whilst it prevents a direct flow of air through it, it still allows any residual moisture in the air to pass through – just like a Gore-tex jacket – which further helps ensure there is never any build up of dampness.

The benefits don’t stop there either, as it virtually eliminates noise from Tvs, music systems and outside traffic. Icynene spray foam can reduce outside noise by up to 13db.

When sprayed in place Icynene expands completely filling all cavities and voids creating a sealed building envelope which eliminates air leakage/infiltration. Air leakage/infiltration accounts for up to 50% of heat loss from a building. Unlike other foams, Icynene’s unique polyicynene formulation is 100% water blown and therefore contains no harmful agents, volatile organic chemicals, HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs or formaldehyde.

Icynene is the only foam on the market to have achieved BBA, ETA and BDA certifications and has been successfully tested and certified for applications directly to the underside of breathable and non-breathable roof membranes and felts. It has received BBA certification for this application. Icynene absorbs the lowest amount of moisture and has the highest level of vapour resistivity of any soft foam on the market.

Just as with any home improvement project, it is essential that the installer carrying out the work has been fully trained to do so, and they are fully accredited to give you the peace of mind that the job will be done correctly.

In addition, you also need to be sure that you have someone to turn to if, in the unlikely situation, a problem does arise. JSJ Foam Insulation are an approved Icynene installer and an accredited member of HICS Consumer Protection for the home improvement industry. We offer a 25 year warranty on our products and a two year guarantee on our install.

If you’d like to make significant savings on your energy bills and reduce noise levels, letting JSJ install Icynene Spray Foam Insulation could be the greatest money saving investment you make all year. At the same time, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by helping reduce the CO2 emissions through using less energy for many years to come.