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Is Icynene safe?

Icynene contains no harmful agents, no volatile organic chemicals, HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs or formaldehyde.
It’s completely safe.
If Icynene was a dangerous product we would not hold extensive BBA, European and worldwide certifications for residential applications.
All of Icynene’s products are CE marked and are REACH compliant.
When the two components of icynene come together in the spray gun to form the final finished product it is then that they become completely inert and do not ‘off-gas’ in any way.

In addition, Icynene, unlike a lot of other foams, is completely 100% water blown and contains no blowing agents.

Icynene is also Greenguard gold certified for low VOCs.

Icynene uses the same two-component technology that is used in the manufacture of car seats and car components, household furniture, beds and pillows and MDI and Polyols have been used safely in this fashion for over 60 years.