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JSJ Foam Insulation Ltd would like to introduce to you, BOSS SPRAY TECHNOLOGIES 2 Gun System. We researched this fantastic invention for a year and half and then made the journey over to Canada last year to see it working in situ.

Late last year we had the pleasure of Gord Maginnis of BOSS SPRAY TECHNOLOGIES INC coming from Canada to Scotland to set up & install his 2 Gun System. We are the ONLY spray foam contractor in Europe to have this system. Having now used it for three months, we are ready to share our exciting news with you.

For us as a company, Gord’s invention has transformed the way we work. Having two sprayers from the one rig has many great advantages. Naming a few, for our customers it half’s their install time (less intrusion time within their home) and for our men, having the support of another sprayer working with them, is priceless. Spraying is physically and mentally demanding, Gord’s bit of equipment takes the pressure off and allows for team work and support.

Another great benefit is training.. While Jim is spraying on a job the second gun allows for the trainee to watch over him and then try spraying himself.

Please see a link below to a report Gord has published in a magazine.

Click Here To See The Report

Well done Gord!

Icynene spray foam insulation is growing year on year within the insulation market due to it achieving air tightness. This is what customers want, an insulation that will retain the energy they are paying for.