retrofit floor insulation

why is it so important?

We all know that heat rises and when the energy escapes through your roof, it pulls cold air through your floor boards to compensate. 31% of your homes energy is lost through inefficient insulation or absent insulation in your roof, walls and floors.

A high percentage of houses in the UK have suspended timber flooring on the ground floor, and unless the void between the base of the property and the floor is properly insulated, drafts will circulate causing the floor to feel cold to touch and will also contribute to energy wastage.

Icynene is an air tight product. By simply using our spray foam on the underside of your floor boards, this will seal your floor and eradicate the cold draughts.

There are two options on insulation your floor with Icynene Spray Foam. If access is 400mm or more we can insulate from below upwards. If your access is tight, you have the option to lift your floor boards, we would staple a membrane to your joists and spray Icynene down onto the membrane.