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If you’re looking for the most effective insulation solution for your project, fitted and installed by a knowledgeable and experienced team then you’re in the right place.

We’re a family business, founded by Jim Shearer and his wife Susan. We travel all over Scotland and we are proud to say that we’ve established a stellar reputation in the spray foam industry.

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We are an Icynene accredited provider of spray foam insulation in Scotland.

Jim has over 30 years’ experience as a builder and his extensive knowledge of all types of buildings and every type of problem and challenge that can occur is what makes us stand-out from the crowd.

It’s also why we’ve become the insulation installer of choice for so many homeowners, builders and architects across Scotland.

Whatever your project, whether it’s a single dwelling, extension, loft conversion, housing development, office buildings,  commercial or more you can rest assured that you’ll get the best insulation, installed super-efficiently and to a genuinely first-class standard for a very cost effective price.

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Founder Jim Shearer

His 30+ years experience as a builder means there’s no-one more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to getting the insulation right for your project. Jim still surveys every job…

the benefits of foam insulation

Icynene spray foam insulation beats traditional forms of home insulation in terms of price, effectiveness, longevity and ease of application and expands to 100 times its volume in a matter of seconds, creating a superior, airtight energy efficient insulation…

Save money on energy

Eliminate cold draughts

Maintain a constant temperature

Protection from the cold

the ‘goldilocks’ personal touch

As one of the most knowledgeable sprayers in the country, Jim still surveys all jobs himself and is still actively involved in the day to day installs. He travels over 50,000 miles each year across Scotland making sure that every project has exactly the right solution at the best possible price for our customers.

We call him Goldilocks in the office because of his obsession with everything being ‘just right’.

what is icynene spray foam insulation?

The Icynene insulation system is a series of soft, flexible spray foam products that deliver up to 50% greater energy savings when compared to other insulation products. Icynene is the perfect insulation for suspended floors, roofs, timber kits, dry lining, sound insulation, eradicating condensation and more. When sprayed in place Icynene expands completely filling all cavities and voids creating a sealed building envelope which eliminates air leakage/infiltration. Air leakage/infiltration accounts for up to 50% of heat loss from a building. Unlike other foams, Icynene’s unique formulation is 100% water blown and therefore contains no harmful agents, volatile organic chemicals, HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs or formaldehyde. Ideal for wood, steel, brick & metal framed construction, Icynene conforms to unusual geometry and provides a continuous barrier that significantly reduces air leakage, minimising airborne moisture and optimising energy efficiency.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation was founded in Canada in 1986 and we are proud to say it’s the “World leader in insulation foam expansion”. It has been in Ireland for fifteen years and in the UK for over twelve years. Icynene is being installed in 28 different countries with over 425000 homes/buildings benefiting from this first class airtight product. Icynene was also featured on Grand Design, insulating a tree house, with Kevin McCloud giving Icynene his approval.

Icynene insulation system – healthier, quieter, more energy efficient.
  • Premium Eco Insulation
  • Save up to 50% on heating costs
  • Insulation & air barrier in one
  • 100% water blown technology
  • Fully BBA certified
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Professional installation
  • Greatly improves sound proofing
  • Contains no harmful ingredients
  • Adheres to any building material
  • Lets the building breath naturally
  • 100% money back guarantee

We all know that buildings expand and contract due to environmental conditions like changes in temperature. Traditional insulation materials cannot adapt to this structural movement without air leakage. The flexible nature of Icynene spray foam insulation allows the foam to expand and contract as your building does every year through out the different seasons, maintaining the airtight seal already created.

  • Attic/Loft Insulation
  • Roof Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Drylining Insulation
  • Suspended Timber Floor Insulation
  • Timber Frame Construction
  • Sound/Acoustic Insulation
  • Commercial / Industrial / Agricultural / Condensation Control Insulation

Surface types

Whatever surface type you have in your home, we are BBA Certified and can apply Icynene residential spray foam insulation to these surfaces:

our guarantee to you

if you’re not thrilled then you don’t pay.

It’s that simple. We’re the best in the business at what we do and you’ll love the results of your spray foam insulation. Period.

what our customers say


I googled and found JSJ foam insulation, we had several parts of our old house treated and if has made such a difference. They were fast & clean workers, nothing was out of the question. Thank you, I have recommended them to several of my friends.


Based on recommendation from John Miller Construction, we approached Jim and Susan regarding underfloor insulation for our bungalow. The service from quote to completion was excellent; and the end result is simply fantastic. We have seen, heard and felt improvements:

  1. visual – condensation on windows eliminated
  2. acoustic – dampening with reduction in noise from central heating boiler (located below bedroom floor)
  3. warmth – home heats quick and retains too

Overall delighted with product and service. Would highly recommend worth every penny. Thank you.


Cracking Service from Jim & Susan, guys arrived and worked all day to complete large loft area. Very Clean and tidy, nothing was a problem. We plan on using JSJ for many of our projects in the future. Thanks Again Cheers Scott


Brilliant, thorough and professional service. Would highly recommend JSJ!


We have just had the foam insulation installed in our bungalow in Edinburgh and Id like to say what a huge difference this has made to making the house totally comfortable and snug like we never imagined.

As a background to the story, we bought and renovated the house last year and thought we had done a good job. We renovated during the summer 2018 which as we all know was a warm summer and although we thought we had insulated the loft conversion to a decent standard it soon became apparent that the joiner had made a hopeless job of it and it was absolutely freezing up there.

We also have a decent size solum and we counted 13 airbricks right round the whole house.

Although we have thick undelay and carpets it was not enough and so the whole house felt like a huge draught box.

I know this sounds ridiculous but the upstairs was so cold I went to the Morningside charity shops and bought 5 fur coats so I could lay them over the bed at night. It was the only way to get warm and each night it felt like we were getting ready for an episode of Game of thrones. I was so cold I was thoroughly miserable.

I have to say the results are really amazing.

Before we got it done, I would walk upstairs and it honestly felt like someone had left all the velux windows open. It was that draughty.

But now after we have had the place Icynened it’s really snug and also very quiet. I love that I am in charge of my own fresh air! There have now been nights where its too warm and we have to open a window at night hurrah! Downstairs is the same.

We have a thermostat in the hallway and my daughter asks why the heating isn’t going on (it’s not cold but we are so used to it going on all the time cos it was cold before) so we keep upping the thermostat by one degree and it comes on then goes off again after 20 mins. This must be the effect of the Icynene. It does what it says on the can!

Heating bills – we moved in last November and because the place was freezing our bill for the first 3 months was about £1200. This is because we were trying to get comfortable. It’s a new heating system so very efficient but we just couldn’t get warm cos it was so draughty so this is why the bill was so high. We haven’t had a bill in yet after the icynene but I know its going to be lower as some days the heating only goes on in the morning, its on an auto timer with a manual override. I work from home so if it was cold, I would totally be putting it onto manual but I have not felt the need to do that.

This is definitely not wishful thinking as I hate being cold! so if it was cold the heating would totally be going on!

Now I know there are people out there that go into the whole ” payback ” and the cost of getting your house Icynened, however for us it wasn’t about the saving money/payback etc etc it was about being comfortable in our house. How can you put a value on not being cold and miserable? There’s simply nothing worse than being cold when you are at home particularly after we had already spent a lot of money renovating, new windows etc. Before we got the place Icynened we were gutted that we had spent all that money on renovating and we felt like saying, well what was the point of doing all that , the place is freezing anyway!

So, for us it was about being comfortable and warm and not draughty and being able to open windows when we want to, and JSJ have totally helped us achieve that.

We would definitely recommend this to anyone. Jim and Susan are very very knowledgeable about the science behind it all and there’s not much they don’t know about the product and also about houses generally. If anyone would like to ask me about the work and our experience with JSJ I’m very happy to discuss this more on the phone or email. Ill leave my details with Susan.

Best regards
Mhairi and Jim Gibson


Excellent service, adjusted product to suit my special circumstances. Clean and tidy installation, pleasant and friendly staff. End result ideal for my project.


This recommendation is 2 months in the making. I was wary of waxing lyrical about my new insulation until I saw the new, almost instant, coziness translated into savings. Prior to the installation, my gas bills were through the roof and the top half of the house was very draughty. We had underfloor heating in one part of the house but, although it was toasty, the system was running almost constantly with the floor very hot at times. Now, after the foam insulation the temperature is as good but without the heat flying out of the roof and the floor is now a very comfortable temperature.

Next was the energy company; they refused to believe that my energy use had dropped by a whopping 50%. They sent someone to verify the meter readings before they would accept to credit my account by, wait for it, £700.

I must apologise to JSJ foam insulation for not having given any feedback until now but I hope they don’t feel that I am not totally satisfied with them or the concept of foam insulation. It is quick and clean to install and produces an instant increase in comfort.

They left the house clean and tidy and were courteous and professional to a fault.


Friendly family run business, willing to be flexible and go the extra mile providing an excellent quality product.


Your guys did a great job.

House even looks cosy with the insulation fitted.


Really this 5 does not reflect the service we had with JSJ insulation, from the quote to the work to the after care, the job was carried out very professionally and clean and tidy. Our expectation was met and more, we used this company for soundproofing our guesthouse bedroom walls.


I would certainly recommend JSJ Foam Insulation as they are nice and pleasant people who provided an all round excellent service. My property is now warm, cosy, draft free and noise from the traffic outside has been reduced. Heating bills have reduced due to the property heating quicker and staying warm for longer. I am extremely happy with the product and service provided. Thank you again for a job well done.


JSJ put foam insulation into our loft and an extension some months ago. We can now notice a significant difference in temperature in a bedroom that was previously very cold. Very happy with the work, workmanship and follow up on the work. I would highly recommend JSJ.


I have used JSJ twice now, for my metal roofed garage and also my extension.

The garage in winter suffered from condensation and the foam treatment cured it instantly.

The team are very professional and the clean up job afterwards is amazing as everything gets covered in plastic beforehand.

I would recommend the foam over kingspan every day.


Jim, Susan and the JSJ team have worked with us on a difficult and unusual building to ensure that our renovation project is airtight and well insulated. They have been cheerful, patient and happy to work around the rest of the project. The work itself was delivered efficiently and with very little disruption – excellent. We would recommend this company to anyone considering this type of insulation.


Great company. Very friendly but highly professional. Used them on a few jobs now and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.


Top class product top class service.


Fantastic service from start to finish.

Upon purchasing our property, the lack of insulation became apparent. New to the many ways we could insulate, we sought advice from multiple companies; JSJ were one of them.

As beginners to spray foam, the JSJ team were always at hand to answer the many questions we had. Our new home required insulation under the floor and in the loft space. We were comforted by Jim’s accuracy and time spent to fully understand the design of our property and the correct application of spray foam for different areas.

Jim and Susan made multiple visits ensuring we were 100% happy with product and fully informed with all the details before we agreed to carry out the work.

On both mornings of the project the JSJ team arrived bang on time. Exceptional care was taken to minimise mess and disruption within our home and the team worked tirelessly to complete the job on time. The finished product, both underfloor and loft space looks flawless. We have already noticed an increase in heat retention within our home; in particular the rooms upstairs where insulation was minimal are a lot warmer.

Following completion of the project the 25year Icynene warranty was promptly issued. We would not hesitate to recommend JSJ Foam Insulation to anyone looking for a solution to their insulation needs. Top class service from a very knowledgeable team.

Many thanks
Dave and Maggie

We install more spray foam insulation than anyone else in Scotland and we have many hundreds of delighted customers who will vouch for our quality of work, amazing prices, attention to detail, super tidy ways of working and incredibly fast installations.
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