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JSJ Foam Insulation is a spray foam insulation company based in Glasgow. We are Accredited Mastercraft Sprayers and are licensed Icynene Dealers. JSJ Foam Insulation are the number one source for Icynene spray foam insulation solutions in Scotland. Our product can be applied to both old and new construction, this environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient spray foam insulation is a great choice for every structure.

If your house is always cold or the temperature fluctuates a lot, or you have moisture control issues, Icynene Spray Foam Insulation provides many applications and benefits. Spray foam insulation is the best method of insulation available on today's insulation market.

It is very likely that you are paying too much for your energy bills because of energy leakage due to drafts coming from cracks and leaky roofs. JSJ Foam Insulation can seal your building envelope today keeping heat in your home and money in your bank account.

Icynene Performance and Price

Icynene spray foam, premium eco insulation out performs all of our competitor insulation providers on the market in terms of – airtightness, environmentally consciousness, ease and speed in build and application to name just a few.

Icynene spray foam eco insulation from JSJ Foam Insulation Ltd is the number one choice for architects, residential home owners and contractors. Icynene is the most effective and efficient choice in terms of both cost and speed of installation. Icynene eliminates the needs for lengthy application processes and the lowers the amount of intrusion leaving no machinery or mess in your property.

Benefits of Icynene:

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Icynene LD-R-50

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Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

Compare to other types of insulation


The 'Green' Spray Foam Insulation

Save Money

Icynene spray foam insulation helps you save on energy bills.

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Attic Insulation

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Save on Energy Bills

Icynene is an environmentally friendly spray foam insulation product which helps to reduce energy costs in homes and commercial structures.

Instead of XPS Rigid Board

Icynene closed-cell spray foam insulation offers a complete, cost-effective and superior performance solution for exterior commercial wall construction.

Icynene Spray Foam

A modern approach to continuous insulation in commercial designs.


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Green Credentials

environmentally friendly house

Saving Money & the Environment with Icynene Eco Insulation

It is estimated that between 30-40% of air leakage can be attributed to air loss through walls and ceilings. Icynene Spray Foam Insulation can help you save up to 50% on your heating and cooling bills. Air leakage through walls and ceilings therefore ultimately leads to costly energy bills particularly with the rising energy prices in Scotland and across the UK. Icynene's unique application and formulation expands instantly to seal these gaps.
Following the spray application, its immediate expansion ensures that the insulation can get into every nook and cranny, round any services (pipes etc), and thereby reduces air leakage providing a more energy efficient insulation solution.

Ongoing Savings That Far Surpass Insulation Costs

Energy efficiency is a top consideration among homeowners in the market for insulation. Icynene spray foam insulation helps you give them exactly what they want. In fact, Icynene can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. Savings may exceed insulation costs in just three to four years on average.* The investment then continues to pay off in the form of monthly savings for the life of the home. *This estimate refers to cases in which the entire building envelope is sealed with Icynene spray foam insulation.

Money Savings

Icynene® pays for itself

By transforming your U-value & sealing your home Icynene® spray foam insulation can save you up to 50% on your energy bills by cutting your home or building's energy losses.
Investing in this type of insulation delivers a fast payback, as the heat you have introduced stay in your home or building. If yo uare selling, Icynene® can make your home more attractive to buyers as it has low energy costs.

Home Protection

Help your home last

Applying Icynene® spray foam insulation you protect your house from moisture incursion. Moisture is carried in the air that enters your building. The seal produced by Icynene® keeps the moisture out and prevents mold and condensation that comes with it.

Icynene® is a solid, hard to permeate material. It is not a tasty food source, nor is it a good material to nest in. This helps protect your home from insects and rodents.

Icynene®, depending on the type opf spray foam chosen, can provide additional structural strength and stability within your walls, that other forms of insulation simply cannot provide.

Improve your health

Keep pollutants & allergens out.

Airbourne irritants can increase the frequency of allergies, asthma and other health problems. The air seal provided by Icynene® can reduce the introduction of these particles keeping the air in your home nice and clean.
The added bonus of moisture reduction prevents the growth of mold, which can also cause allergies to be exacerbated. This can help prevent the itchy eyes, sneezing & coughing associated with conditions like hayfever.

Reduce sound & drafts

enough air loss to fill 2 hot air balloons

Traditionally areas like the graage and basement do not get regular and even temperature adjustment. Icynene® helps to maintain an even temperature throughout your home or building. Another massive benefit from the open cell structure is noise reduction. So noise from outside, the wash room and the flushing toilet can be a thing of the past.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I want or need to use Icynene Spray Foam Insulation?

All buildings show expansion and contraction due to environmental conditions, like changes in temperature. Traditional insulation materials cannot adapt to these conditions. Spray foam insulation benefits from an open cell structure that can air seal your building at a lower cost. It is permeable in nature allowing moisture to be removed. The flexible nature of the substance allows it to expand and contract as your building does in different climate zones maintaining the air seal created.

How is Icynene Spray Foam applied to my building?

Our fully trained specialists spray the product into what is known as your building's envelope. This is your studded walls, ceilings and floors. If you are renovating a premises our Icynene LD-CP-50 our foam is used. We inject this directly into small holes drilled into your internal plaster walls or alternatively from the exterior wall. It is a safe product to use directly onto electrical and plumbing apparatus.

I understand that it's spray foam, but what's that?

Generally it is a liquid made from polyurethane that is sprayed through a spray gun apparatus. When introduced to the atmosphere in a spray, the foam expands gradually up to 100 times its original volume. It is used in areas such as your roof space, either at joist or rafter level . This helps keep warm air in during the winter and helps your house stay cooler during the summer. The added benefit of this type of insulation is the benefit of sound insulation, thus reducing noise pollution.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the UK mainland.

How is closed cell spray foam different from open cell spray foam?

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation sets rock hard. Once it has set it becomes very hard and is not able to be compressed and is capable of providing support to the building structure. It is quite dense and is heavier than traditional form of insulation. If installed incorrectly it can cause unwelcome strain on the building's structure. It is impermeable to moisture meaning that ventilation is needed to prevent a build up of condensation in your loft space.

Open Cell Spray Foam is less dense than its closed cell counterpart. It doesn't support the building structure and doesn't offer the same level of insulation as closed cell. The benefit of this is much greater ability to breathe, therefore condensation becomes less of an issue. It also provides much better sound proofing properties.

Currently building regulations requires 270mm of wool insulation. This uses up space and spray foam insulation from Icynene provides an equivalent u-value at a much lower depth. To achieve a u-value of 0.16 W/m2k you would only need a spray foam depth of 150mm. A depth of just 40mm will give a u-value of 0.40 W/m2k.

I have heard Icynene offers a medium density foam. What is this?

This foam was developed to improve building performance and minimize environmental impact. It is the latest innovation from Icynene and is called ICYNENE MD-R-210™

it is a rigid foam that was developed for use in spaces or buildings where the foam remains exposed. Ideal applications are commercial & industrial buildings, workshops and farm buildings, like grain stores, for provision of thermal insulation & condensation control

Standard Benefits compared to Light Density Spray Foam Insulation:

  • Lower U-value per 25 mm
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Lower vapour permeance

ICYNENE MD-R-210™ can be applied on a variety of substrates under a range of temperature and humidity conditions.

  • Contains up to 12.6% recycled plastic in the MD-R-210 resin, 100% water blown, no blowing agent
  • A Low-Emitting Material (LEM) as per CHPS EQ 2.2 Section 01350 (Collaborative for High Performance Schools)

How long does it take to cure?

It only takes a few minutes to cure. Upon spraying, it expands to 100x its starting volume.

Does the foam wick water?

No it is a hydrophobic material, meaning it repels water. It made wet it dries quickly and the insulating properties remain. If for some reason water is forced into the foam, it will drain with no adverse effects.

What is its fire rating and is it flammable?

It doesn't contribute fuel in any event of a fire and it will not continue to burn if the flames dissipate. It can be consumed by fire and gypsum board or other accepted thermal barriers are required by applicable building standards.

Is my electrical wiring likely to overheat?

Simply put, no. It has been rigourously tested and is not a concern to electrical authorities. If being retrofitted you should have wiring checked so that any work needing done gets done and if being applied to a new build, the electrician should be informed that any non service area electrics will be encased by insulation.

Does Icynene break down over time, shrink or sag?

No. Due to the chemical make up of the compound, Icynene is stable. The reaction created is irreversible.

25 Year Warranty

Icynene comes with a 25 Year warranty for added peace of mind and protection.

Key Icynene Message

The Icynene Insulation has the unique ability to reduce heating and cooling costs up to 50 percent, improve indoor air quality and create a quiet, peaceful home.
Icynene insulation is a water-based formula that contains no formaldehyde, CFCs or HCFCs.
Icynene is a spray-in-place, light density foam insulation that expands 100 times its initial volume in seconds to create a complete air barrier and insulation system.
The Icynene Insulation System creates an air barrier and insulation system in one step, replacing the need for expensive, labor intensive insulation detailing.
Icynene has a tremendous advantage over and above its R-value and other insulation because it has the ability to control the random air leakage of a building — or “convection” heat loss. Convection heat loss accounts for 40 – 50 percent of a building’s total energy loss.